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Hotel Near the Indianapolis Zoo

Enjoy The Indianapolis Zoo with The Whole Family

JW Marriott is the Top Hotel with Great Deals & Packages

Many families know just how great it is to take their family to the Indianapolis Zoo. This memorable experience at a world-renowned zoo helps kids and parents appreciate the beauty of nature. Dedicate more time to exploring the zoo and less time in the car when you stay at our centrally located, downtown Indianapolis hotel. The JW Marriott is the perfect hotel to make your zoo trip convenient as it is located less than two miles from the zoo across the beautiful White River.

Enjoy The Indianapolis Zoo with The Whole Family

When you take your trip to the Indianapolis Zoo, you’ll want to carefully plan your visit ahead of time to make sure that you hit the best spots in this large, scenic zoo. The zoo hosts a diverse set of natural areas that are divided into different categories such as oceans, deserts, forest, plains, the “Flights of Fancy” bird aviary, and the White River Gardens. This zoo is designed to entertain anyone from young children to adults. These major areas have over 250 species of animals and 2,000 varieties of plants. This single trip will be like traveling throughout the world in one experiential day.

Each major biome offers amazing exhibits for in your family. For those that love the ocean, the zoo contains a large shark tank and a reef exhibit that houses eels and morays. The Desert Dome is full of furry mammals, reptiles, and birds that help to showcase the staggering diversity and beauty in the dry climate. The forests exhibit will introduce you to beautiful trees and exotic animals located in these areas throughout the world. For those that long to go on an African safari, the plains exhibit has wild cheetahs, giraffes, elephant, lions, and rhinos. Your visit to the zoo is sure to be as educational as it is fun!

Finding the Right Place to Stay While Visiting the Exciting Indianapolis Zoo

The JW Marriott Indianapolis has designed the perfect packages to introduce you to the Indianapolis area and the zoo. No other hotels near the Indianapolis Zoo will give you the ease of access and custom-designed vacation packages to give you the best of the downtown area. One of the most popular packages for families is the Lights, Lions and Legends package. This package includes the following:

Deluxe overnight accommodations at the hotel in the pristine, comfortable luxurious rooms

  • Tickets to the IMAX Theatre
  • Entry to the Indianapolis Zoo
  • Tour of the NCAA Hall of Fame
  • Passes to the White River Gardens

You will also get a scrumptious breakfast each morning to start your day of adventure in Indianapolis. All of the rooms in the JW Marriott have sumptuous Revive® bedding, televisions, and plenty of room for the whole family. JW Marriott Indianapolis also offers onsite dining and an indoor pool for your family to enjoy. Regardless of your reason for traveling and staying at the JW Marriott, make it a point to visit the nearby Indianapolis Zoo for a memorable vacation experience that you will remember for years to come.